Mentorship (META)


REFORMA & SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY, School of Library and Information Science
(Southern California Campus)

The META REFORMA/SJSU Mentor Program is designed to recruit, encourage and support bilingual and /or bicultural individuals in the SJSU School of Library and Information Science.

The program will:

Provide you with individual guidance from a practicing librarian.
Enable you to learn more about the library profession.
Foster and promote the development of library service to the Latino community.

Meta is the Spanish word for ‘goal’. It stands for


REFORMA was founded in Dallas, Texas, in 1971 to promote quality library service to Latinos. REFORMA has lobbied successfully to increase Latino representation in the library profession, to increase funding and support for Spanish language collection development, and to raise national awareness of the informational and service needs of Latinos. REFORMA provides local and national scholarships to library school students who share our goals.

META Steering Committee Members

(Sitting from left) --Patty, Ron, Barbara, Al (Standing from left)-- Greg, John, Judy

Contact Information:

Patty Lopez
Ron Rodriguez
Barbara Miller
Al Milo
Greg Yorba
John Ayala

Billie Frierson

SJSU School of Library & Information Science

Judy Weedman