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Summary: In The Heights Musical-OCPAC


This truly has been a tremendous summer for OC REFORMA in many ways, including the celebration of OC REFORMA’s 30th anniversary as well as honoring our new scholarship winners for 2010 in July.

To bring this historic summer to an appropriate conclusion, a large contingent of local REFORMA members and familia attended the second to last performance of In the Heights at the Orange County Performance Arts Center on 8/15/2010, a musical with its proud Latin roots on display, providing a pleasurable musical escapade, with its blazing hip-hop lyrical style mixed in with a sizzling sonic onslaught of danceable salsa beats and cool Latin jazz tunes, all in our own backyard in the beautiful city of Costa Mesa on a warm Sunday afternoon.

In The Heights

In The Heights: Orange County Performance Arts Center, August 15th 2010

The musical has received much recognition for its unique blend of hip-hop and Latin music interjected with a solid choreography, and it was immediately obvious why critics raved as the opening piece really made its mark with its laid-back vibe and smooth lyrical flow that got the Orange County crowd bobbing their heads in unison, including many REFORMA members.

In case you were unable to attend the performance, here is a quick taste of the music and dance via YouTube from previous performances. Check it out: In The Heights-Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, Blackout in the Heights, and The Club–In The Heights.

This social event in August would not have been remotely possible if it was not for Al Milo, OC REFORMA treasurer, who not only proposed the idea for a OC REFORMA social gathering for August during the last official meeting, but also took the initiative to coordinate the actual event itself, providing REFORMA members with an excellent seating arrangement to enjoy the performance together. OC REFORMA therefore would like to acknowledge and thank Al Milo for bringing this special event into fruition. Great Job!



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