30th Anniversary Tardeada & Scholarship Award Ceremony


The first batch of photos of Saturday’s (July 24th) celebration have been posted to the OC REFORMA picture album. Please access our album to see some of the wonderful photos taken by OC REFORMA members during the event festivities:

Tardeada Photo Album

Here are three photos to share:


From left: Brenda (OC REFORMA Secretary), Monica, Irma (OC REFORMA Vice-President), Raymundo (Scholarship Recipient), John, Juan (Scholarship Recipient), Richard, Concepcion (Scholarship Recipient), Beatriz (Scholarship Recipient), Silvia (OC REFORMA President), Patty (Scholarship Chair), Lupita (Scholarship Recipient)


From left: John Ayala, Raymundo Andrade (2010 Scholarship Recipient), Juan Soria (2010 Scholarship Recipient), Concepcion Flores (2010 Scholarship Recipient), Beatriz Preciado (2010 Scholarship Recipient) & Richard Serrato


Baile Folklorico Renacimiento


OC REFORMA would like to thank all of the members and scholarship recipients who attended this special and historic event.  Moreover, OC REFORMA would like to especially thank and acknowledge the planning committee members that coordinated the Tardeada. Their hard work and dedication in organizing this spectacular event, an event filled with great Mexican food, excellent entertainment (Baile Folklorico Renacimiento!), and a memorable slide show of REFORMA’s thirty year commitment to library advocacy, left a lasting impression on all who attended Saturday’s celebration. In fact, here are some comments made the day after the event:

“A great celebration!”
“The 30th Anniversary Tardeada yesterday was a terrific celebration!”
“Ditto from me!”

All in all, the anniversary celebration was truly a night to remember, so make sure to visit our picture album via the link below.

Tardeada Photos



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2 responses to “30th Anniversary Tardeada & Scholarship Award Ceremony

  1. Thank you for the information on the scholarships. Here is a link to the Register story about them: http://www.ocregister.com/news/reynoso-259733-org-information.html?pic=2

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