Highlights of Potluck Celebration–8/8/09

The Orange County REFORMA Chapter potluck dinner honoring Susan’s 2009 Librarian of the Year (LOTY) award was, above all, a night to celebrate her remarkable achievement locally with fellow OC REFORMISTAS and friends.  Because some of us were not able to attend the official ceremonies at the National REFORMA Conference in Chicago this past July (Click here for photos), the potluck celebration this past Saturday was the next best thing with regards to honoring Susan’s tremendous accomplishment in our own special way. It goes without saying, therefore, that the OC REFORMA Chapter is unquestionably proud of Susan Luevano bringing the 2009 LOTY award, metaphorically speaking, back to the OC, serving as an inspiration for all, particularly our newest Chapter members just beginning to flourish in their own professional careers.

Susan cutting the first piece of the cake.

Susan cutting the first slice of cake.

OC REFORMA would like to thank John and Gloria for hosting our wonderful potluck dinner.  Their hospitality throughout the evening was sincerely appreciated.  In addition, OC REFORMA would like to thank all of the members who attended, considering it is summertime, it was invigorating to see such a large contingent of local Chapter members available for the potluck, a potluck, we might add, consisting of tasty homemade dishes such as succulent pork carnitas, a delectable chicken casserole, and a scrumptious meaty lasagna as well as numerous rich and creamy desserts, a variety of healthy vegetarian side dishes, and a plethora of ice-cold beverages to imbibe during the warm, summer evening. As a side note, OC REFORMA Librarians, not too surprisingly, organize some of the best potlucks hands down in the OC, always filling, always satisfying!

In short, if you were unable to attend Saturday’s event then be sure to access our OC REFORMA photo album to view some of the magnificent pictures taken during the potluck.

OC REFORMA Group Photo-- 08/08/2009 Potluck Dinner

OC REFORMA Group Photo-- 08/08/2009 Potluck Dinner

OC REFORMA Photo Album

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