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3rd Annual Barrio History Symposium–Golden West College May 30th 2009!


The 3rd Annual Barrio History Symposium is being held at Golden West College on Saturday May 30th from 8-3 pm. Here is more info I received via e-mail:

  • “The Orange County Mexican American Historical Society, in association with GWC Student Activities Office and FAMILIA Ancestral Research Association, invites you to the 3rd Annual Barrio History Symposium to be held May 30, 2009 at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, CA. The symposium features speakers involved in historical research and documentation of Mexican American communities known as barrios, campos, and colonias. This year’s theme focuses on events, often obscure, that helped to shape the course of local Mexican American history and their relationship to mainstream history.” (Marty Grajeda-BHS Planning Chair)

Event Flyer: BHS2009PosterFlyer

As a side note, I attended last years event, and it was truly an inspirational, thought-provoking symposium on Latino/Chicano/Mexican American history, identity, and memory.  It opened my eyes to the way in which historical research of Latino neighborhoods functions in preserving the memories and voices of regular everyday people, emphasizing a bottom-up approach to documenting history, an important paradigm switch, so to speak, from the standard, common top-down approach of documenting history.

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National REFORMA Elections 2009-2010

FYI—National REFORMA Elections 2009-2010 Officers–

The deadline to cast your vote is May 31st, 2009. The link to cast your ballot has been e-mailed through the listserv.


  1. The Reforma Elections Link titled: Vote Here for Reforma Elections 2009, will be emailed to you via Reforma listserv.
  2. Click on link
  3. Vote for the candidate of your choice; please also let us know what state and /or country you are in.
  4. When you finish voting a screen thanking you should appear.
  5. Close window after voting.
  6. Please remember that you can only vote once and once you have voted and logged off you can’t go back and change your vote.
  7. Only one vote per computer, which means you and another person, cannot vote using the same computer.
  8. Elections will be held from April 1st to May 31, 2009

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