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Webcast of the Career Paths for New Librarians Workshop

The Feb 8th Webcast of the Career Paths for New Librarians Workshop co-sponsored by OC REFORMA, SJSU SLIS, SJSU LISSTEN, and the California Librarians Black Caucus is available as a webcast. Be sure to share it with those interested. It was a very successful event that was well attended. Click on the link below for direct access to the webcast:

Career Paths for New Librarians Webcast


Step #1: Go to the SJSU SLIS website:  slisweb.sjsu.edu
Step #2: Click on SLIS Audio & Video at the very top of the window on the right
Step #3: This will take you to the Media Guide.
Step #4: Under Student Resources, click on Career Resources
Step #5: Look for the Career Path Workshop and select either the captioned or uncaptioned option.



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